The Language of Twitter Polls

News 08:04 April 2024:

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Twitter polls have become very popular today. They are being used by people across board from private entities to government bodies; from individuals to groups and so on and so forth. Twitter in itself as a social media platform actually turned out to be a very rich source of information. The advent of twitter polls just made it a richer source of information.

Twitter polls are basically a fast and easy way of getting the public’s general opinion about something. They are used in very many ways today. They are used to get the general opinion of the public about an event that has recently taken place, they are used for social purposes, companies use them, for marketing and getting the general feel that the market have about their products, they are used to publicize and increase the visibility on twitter of both individuals and groups among many other things.

The question then becomes, do all twitter poles achieve the goal that they were intended to? The fact that the poll is being conducted on social media, chances of it not getting a good response are not that high. However it is very possible for a twitter poll to not give the desired results. Very small factors that can be looked at as negligible can lead to this. For instance it is very important that you look at the language that you are using when conducting your twitter pol.

With social media, you do not get the chance to have a face to face conversation with a person. The only medium of communication that you have with that particular person is the content that you will be posting. This is the main reason as to why language then becomes a very important factor.  You need to check the language that you are using to set up your twitter poll. Will it appeal to your target audience? Will it be able to attract them and capture their attention? Unless your target audience is attracted and relates to the question on the twitter poll, they will not participate in it.

This then simply goes to say that before you put up your twitter polls, it is essential that you first engage in research.Carefully analyze your target audience. Check their trends on social media. Find out which language they mostly use to communicate. Do they prefer English, French or their own local languages? This is a question that you really must answer. Is there a certain lingo that they like communicating with on the platform? If there is find out which one it is and how you can communicate using it?You really need to appeal to them personally and they need to feel that they can identify with you. Once they are able to identify with you, they willbe more willing to participate in your pol. In the event that they are not able to identify with you, they will definitely immediately shun you out of their minds which will them mean that they will have no interest whatsoever in participating in your twitter polls.