Using Blogs & Websites To Get Free Likes

News 09:04 April 2024:

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If you are running a blog that generates a lot of traffic, then it is a useful platform to increase free likes on your social media accounts. Though traditionally social media was used to raise traffic to your website, the same can now be replicated back. It just involves adding the social media widget at the bottom of your page to allow visitors follow you and like your page without necessarily having to leave that page and search for you on the respective platforms. A lot of concentration is lost between leaving the website and doing a search of the page you wanted them to follow. This is boring especially if there are more similar names from the search results and many people will have no time to confirm the actual page you intended them to like and follow.

The widget directs them to your page without having to search from the generated search results.  You can include images of those who have already liked your page. If people see that some of their friends have already liked your page, they will automatically follow suit as you will seem credible. You just got more free likes again!