Is There A Quick Way To Obtain Free Likes On Your Facebook Page?

News 09:04 April 2024:

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In order for you to get more Free Likes in your Facebook page, consider filling it out with information that is searchable- this simply means that your content must be helpful, easy to search and relevant so that it will be a lot easier for you to grow the number of your followers.

In addition, you may also consider including your Facebook like boxes on your personal blog or website. Take into account that by means of merely making your page discover able as feasible such as promoting your presence in Facebook with the aid of the marketing channels that you already have- you can grab the attention of many.

Additionally, it will be beneficial to invite existing contacts or followers to like your page. Needless to say, you already have loved ones, buddies and other existing clients who would be so glad to network with your business on FB. Likewise, you can invite your employees to like your page. Your employees can be of great help when it comes to reaching out to as many people as possible. This way, you can certainly increase Free Likes!f1

The Science behind Free Likes

So, you hop onto Facebook for the sole reason of accepting a friend’s request but end up spending a quarter of an hour liking and reading other people’s posts? You think it is an accident? Well, study thinks otherwise. Researchers say that there is a connection and a trend in how people do various things on social media. Even how you like someone’s Instagram post and ignore another’s all goes back to how your brain works. The following types of free likes as well as an explanation of what coerces people to hit the like button will give you a better clue of why you probably don’t get as many likes.

Identity and Empathy

You don’t need any study to understand this. If you find a friend’s post on twitter or any other social network, you’ll probably be inclined to like it.  Sometimes the friend’s post might not even be interesting, but you will like the post anyway. Science explains this reaction as one caused by the fact that you know the person in question. It is a reaction to identifying the owner of the post, and not necessarily the post itself. At other times, you may find yourself liking someone’s post due to empathy. And it mostly happens when the owner of that person is someone you personally know.f2

Like for Like

Another reason why you find yourself liking a particular person’s post so often is probably because they do the same to your post. And the more they like your posts, the more you feel indebted to do the same to their posts. Okay, it doesn’t apply to every person. But in most cases, you will always feel guilty if you don’t appreciate someone who constantly likes your every post.


Also known as the genuine like, it is what you should strive to attract people with on your social networks. Here, people give you free likes because they love your content and not because of any other reason. In fact, if you can manage to post great and interesting fresh content every now and then,you could see your likes mount drastically. Most people who visit Facebook and other social networks are often after this kind of content after all.

Mob Influence

Irrespective of how much of a free thinker you are, at times you will find yourself liking pages and other people’s pictures because of their popularity. It is kind of a crazy reaction. Your brain immediately feels like it should join the gang of people who just liked a celebrity picture for no apparent reason. In essence you were just influenced by the post’s popularity alone.

It is fast and Easy

At times, hitting the like button is the quickest way to assure someone you didn’t ignore their post. It is after all easier to double tap on an Instagram pic than to comment on it, right? Okay, it is a bit lazy, but it is a better way to show appreciation than to just ignore people, especially those close to you.