How Social Media Famous People maintain close relationships with their followers

News 09:04 April 2024:

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It is a common trend on many social networks that only close friends and people with few followers know how to appreciate their friends and followers. However, once people start hitting thousands of likes on their posts, they forget to send shout outs or to say thank you to their free followers. Be different though, and do things that will help maintain a great reputation with your social media community.

 To start with, be proactive and posting high quality and accurate content. It is difficult to maintain a huge following on twitter or Instagram unless you consistently provide highly educative and inspiring content all the time. On the other hand, be prompt at answering to replies and questions. When someone annoys you on the platform, reply back to them respectfully. Finally, be active on your social networks. Research a lot of informative content when free, because most people will want to hear more from you if you can entertain and inspire them often, which is definitely what translates to more likes, retweets and  many free followers over time.